Health & Safety

No matter how hard we try to eliminate risks, they will always be present, so please take note of the following advice when using the hall - and stay safe!

Action in the event of a fire

Please see the notice in the foyer for instructions. The telephone in the teaching room may be used to dial 999. Although mobile telephone service in Llanishen can be patchy, a signal can usually be obtained outside the building on the lawned area.

Fire extinguishers are provided in all rooms and the building is equipped with a smoke alarm system.

Fire exits are clearly marked.


The main light switch panel and the electricity supply switch panel are situated in the small cupboard in the foyer, next to the gents' toilet.

The kitchen, conference room and teaching room all have their own separate light switches.

Please ensure that only those lights you actually need are switched on, and are switched off again after use.

The "outside lights over-ride" switch should be left off in normal circumstances, as the outside lights are controlled by movement-sensors and will go on and off automatically, as required.

In the event of a power failure, automatic emergency lights will switch themselves on. Should this happen in the hours of darkness, you may wish to temporarily curtail your activity or perhaps to leave the building until power is restored.

Bouncy Castle & Soft Play Equipment

The bouncy castle is for the use of children only!

All footwear must be removed while using the bouncy castle.

No food or drink is to be consumed on the soft-play area or on the bouncy castle - please use the meeting room or teaching room for eating and drinking.

The Stage & Balcony

Children are not allowed on the stage unless they are performing in an authorised production or rehearsal and are supervised at all times by an adult.

The balcony area is not a public area and must not be used for any purpose without the prior permission of a committee member.


The under-floor heating system is thermostatically controlled and is not user-adjustable. In the event of the hall being too cold (or hot!) please call 01600 860790 or 01600 860560 for assistance.

Car Parking

Please park in the marked bays and keep the access road at the rear of the hall clear at all times - this is an access route for Welsh Water to their treatment works on the field and may be needed at any time.

Parking is at your own risk. The committee reserves the right to close the car park at any time and to arrange for removal of abandoned or unlicensed vehicles.


The fire-exit double doors at either side of the building are secured with cable-locks when the hall is not in use. Please ensure that the locks are removed from the doors when you arrive, and replace them upon leaving the building.

Please close all windows and doors securely before you leave the building.


Please do not put nappies or similar objects down the hall toilets, as these can block the drains.

Please take such items home with you. We have had to pay for drains to be cleared recently because of blocked toilets. Also, if you are in charge of children, please make occasional checks on their use of the toilets and ensure that cisterns are flushed after use.

Our drainage contractor has told us that it is apparently a common "game" amongst some children to put whole toilet-rolls down toilets - this keeps him in business, which we would rather not give him!